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- Nature is Where You Find It -

Patrick Aalto

Artist Statement & Bio

​Artist Statement - 
- Nature is where you find it -
Raising awareness of Earth's beauty, through image-making, education and partnership in an effort to help every person enjoy nature, where they find it.  This is at the heart of what I do at Patrick Aalto Photography.
Biography - 
   Photography has been a part of my outside life since I was in middle School.  My first exposure to photography was shooting underwater photos in the Florida Keys with an Ikelite Aquashot.  I learned a lot about taking not-so-great photos, yet, feeling great excitement to share the stories of my adventures.  I started, in earnest, to take photography serious in 1998.  Since then, I have traveled and stayed local, wherever that was, to explore and find great things to photograph in nature. 
Instruction Experience - 
   I have been teaching photography since 2007, to help others develop skills they might want, to better tell their stories and inspire others.  And so on it goes...
  • 2007-2010, Photography instructor to at-risk-youth, while working at a boarding school in Idaho and Costa Rica.
  • 2013-2019, Photography instructor with REI Outdoor Programs in Portland, Oregon.
  • Present Day, Instructor for Patrick Aalto Photography; partner instructor with Mount St Helens Institute
  - Patrick Aalto
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